this list features some of the best lebanese side Dishes

As a foodie from a Lebanese family, I have handpicked some of the best side dishes from Lebanon. I will outline four of the sides, that are part of a must-try list.

Spicy potatoes

Wow, this side dish of golden potatoes tossed with herbs, garlic and chili is always a hard yes. Seriously, you'll want more!

tahini salad

Get ready to slurp! This is possibly the most underrated salad. It features diced fresh veggies swimming in a juicy tahini dressing.

My family's most requested rice

Imagine fluffy cooked basmati rice in the perfect amount of spices, veggies and topped with toasted nuts.

sour zucchini dip

So you've heard of hummus and baba ganoush, but have you heard of lib el kousa?  This dip is made with lemon and tender zucchinis. It's so good!

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Best potato salad

Braised geen beans

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