Cauliflower with Tahini Bowl (Lebanese Arnabeet Mekle) is a delicious and flavoursome bowl.

Start with a bed of shredded lettuce, iceberg lettuce is ideal or use any green your prefer

Add air fried potato chips. Russet potatoes are great for making fries that everyone will enjoy

Then some air fried cauliflower. Cut cauliflower in florets, be sure to use the stem and leaves too.

Drizzle some tarator (Lebanese lemon tahini sauce) This sauce is very popular and can be used with many foods.

Pop in some freshly cut tomato. Use your preferred tomato, which can be diced or sliced. Add as much as you'd like.

Sprinkle fresh finely chopped parsley. This herb adds a lovely flavour to this cauliflower tahini bowl.

Squeeze fresh lemon juice.  The sourness of the lemon compliments all the foods in this bowl. Enjoy.

Click for the full recipe. This is one of my childhood favourites. You'll love it too.