Lebanese Mujadara Hamra

Is a red mujadara made with caramelized onions, lentils and bulgur. It's taste is sweet and savory. It is a naturally vegan Lebanese dish.

The ingredients

You only need five ingredients, onion, brown lentils, extra coarse dark bulgur, olive oil and salt.

It's all in the onions

The red coloring and flavoring of this mujadara hamra comes from the caramelized onions. They must be a very dark brown and inconspicuous in the finished dish.

The bulgur

Must be the dark variety and not the light ones. This contributes to the color too. I discuss this in the recipe, click below for more info.

Serving Suggestion

Typically it is always served with a fresh salad, such as tabouli, Arabic salad or even a cabbage salad. The flavors are so much yum!

Mujadara safra


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