This easy Lebanese rice pilaf with with toasted nuts, vegetables and spices is ready in about 20 minutes and is super delicious. Seriously, my whole family loves it!

Lebanese Rice Pilaf

how we like to enjoy it

Rice pilaf is fabulous on it's own or with a simple side salad. We sometimes like to eat it with some salty pickles. Whichever way, it is satisfying.

Start with browning the nuts

Choose either pine nuts, almonds and cashews. Sometimes I use walnuts. Once the nuts are nice and golden, set them aside.

Add the rice, veg and spices

Once the onions have softened, stir through the rice, spices, veggies and water. Then cook until the rice is fluffy. Very easy!

Storage tip

Make a big batch and then store it in the fridge for up to 5 days. Enjoy this Lebanese rice pilaf for either lunch or dinner. So good!