Falafel Dipping Sauce (Taratoor)

The perfect sauce for dipping your falafels into, or for a perfect falafel sandwich or even for salads. This dipping sauce is so versatile, you can pair it with many foods. This sauce is based off original Lebanese Taratoor.

3 Ingredient Purple Cabbage Salad

It’s crunchy, juicy, and flavoursome. This red cabbage salad is great on its own, in hot dogs (plant based or traditional), as a side to rice or even BBQ’s.

No Egg Choc Chip Muffins

Love to whip up a quick batch of choc chip muffins? With ‘no-egg’? And with only six ingredients? I do!
These are perfect for kids lunch boxes as well as your own lunch box. As soon as these came out of the oven, at least four disappeared; the muffin monsters came out to feed.

Lentil Soup aka Shoorbet Addass

A staple soup in my family. Red lentil soup aka (shoorbet addass) is one of my top two favourite soups and I always want to lick the bowl dry afterwards. 👅 Lentil soup has so many things going for it; it’s tastey, kids and adults love it, it’s full of protein and vitamins, shall I keep going?

Sfouf, AKA Lebanese Turmeric Cake

Just look at the colour of this amazing sweet cake. Hailing from Lebanon, this turmeric cake aka sfouf is perfect to serve in the afternoon with some with cardamom coffee ☕️
I’m a major fan of turmeric, and I am a fan of semolina, so the combination of both fabulous taste and texture is a winning situation. Have you ever made a cake with semolina? I’m curious to know, I am always on the hunt for learning new recipes.

Crunchy Oven Roasted Cumin Chickpeas Recipe

If you’ve not tried roasted chickpeas you’re really doing yourself an injustice. 🤚🏼 Roasted chickpeas are the easiest and quickest snack to make, the best part about making roasted chickpeas is that you can adjust the seasoning/spices to suit your taste.

Easy Falafel Recipe

When mum makes you squashed falafel to easily put into a home made wrap 🤤 you just can’t say no.
Falafel used to be daunting to me, I’m not sure why, but it was one of those Lebanese food recipes that I would shy away from. I remember growing up in our childhood home and stand next to my mum whilst she would place the falafel mix into a specific falafel utensil (I’ve found a pic of this and shared below) to shape the falafel. I was intrigued by the process. Wanting to help she would never let me as it involved hot oil where she would fry the falafel. I guess this is why I would shy away from making them.

Preparing / Coring Zucchini

A few posts ago I shared a recipe on how to make stuffed zucchini (Koussa Mahshi) (plantbased/vegan version). So I thought I would share a video of how to core each zucchini using a tool we call ‘manakra'( Arabic), aka corer.
Coring a zucchini is a quick process once you get

Home Baked Beetroot Crisps Recipe

Sometimes I feel like a packet of crisps but I really don’t want to go down that path, you know the one where you start eating any type of crisps and can’t stop because they’re so good – help me lord! So here is something to help combat those cravings; home made beetroot crisps.
Fresh beetroot taste completely different to canned beetroot which is generally contains unwanted sugar and food acids. When dealing with fresh beetroot,

No Bake Gooey Chocolate Pretzel Slice Recipe

If I offered you a chocolate 🥨 pretzel slice. 🤤 would you stop at one? I know my family found it hard to stop at one, these chocolate pretzel slices vanished before I blinked! I guarantee there will be lots of mmmm’s and finger licking. There’s something about sweet and salty that’s just oh so good.